Someone’s gotta be shitting me. Sergio Brown was involved in play that lead to Gronk’s busted arm? What, you didn’t fahk the Pats enough when you were on the team, Sergio? Anyone remember that AWESOME pass interference against the Giants back in November 2011? Yeah, that was friggin pissah, buddy. So now you get to chip in a little extra suck in what should be the last time you play a meaningful second of football versus your former team? Oh boy. Wow. You can not GO AND FAHK YERSELF hard and fast enough, Sergio Brown. YOU HUMP! You immediately have taken your place near another safety who fahks the Pats, Bernard Pollard, in my “Go Fahk Yerself” Hall of Fame. Asswagons.

(Maggie voice from “Caddyshack”) T’anks fer nuttin’!”

Alight, manger (man-anger) aside, Gronk’s out 4-6 weeks. 4 we hope. Maybe 6 to make sure he’s Gronkin’ strong and ready for postseason play. And after being bummed, pissed, furious, slightly depressed and in need of 2-3 extra beers upon hearing 87’s arm got Gronk’d, you just have to realize injuries happen, part of the game, blah blah, and that’s that. Does losing Gronk suck like getting a flat tire after midnight? Sure. But there’s no crying in ya beeyah now. It’s next man up o’clock. Luckily there’s a comPatriot in the Boston TE Party who’s scheduled to return this Thursday for the Turkey Night Tussle versus the Gaddam Jets. And Hernando couldn’t return, and hopefully in form, sooner. And boy howdy does Belichick & co. look kinda smart now for having 17 back-up TEs on the roster. And they’re gonna need to do like that shitty MTV dance movie says and STEP UP (yeah, I just wrote that - it’s one of those days). Im looking at you, Shiancoe, Fells and Hoowanamadoodlah. Do your job and hold down the football fort until Gronkenstein is good and ready to return.

But seriously, I hope a flock of 500 vomiting pigeons flies over Sergio Brown on his way to work every day for the rest of the season. Dick.

More soon. Keep Calm And Brady On, Patspeeps. GFY, Sergio Brown! And Let’s Go Pats!


You’ve got to be kidding me…

Former Patriots safety Sergio Brown was involved in the play that appeared to cause Rob Gronkowski’s broken arm yesterday, as you can see in the screen grab. Gronkowski was on the far right side of the line, and Brown darted through him on the inside, which forced Gronkowski to lean with his left arm, and it got tangled up with Brown.